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240z and 260z Stub Axles – Upgrade - Datsun 240z Project

240z and 260z Stub Axles – Upgrade

260z Stub AxlesOne of my pet hates on the early 240z and 260z’s is the universal joints. Don’t get me wrong though I don’t really hate them but I’ve always wanted to upgrade to CV (Constant Velocity) joints. Thankfully several people have done this modification. Often used for high HP applications due to being more robust and of better design CV joints can also improve ride quality making an early 240z or 260z a nicer place to be.

Nissan was nice enough to build the zcar series using alot of parts commonly found on other models. They also built alot of other cars using parts from the zcar range. This means there a several options for the CV joint upgrade.

In Australia we were lucky enough to receive several models that we can adapt a CV kit to. However some are easier than others. The Datsun 280zx 2+2 was the only model of S130 offered excluding any gray imports. We also missed out on the turbo 280zx which was most popular in 2 seater form. The 2 seater version had a narrower wheelbase and often this is the CV joint set up adapted to the 240z’s and 260z’s.

Don’t despair just yet! We also got the R31 Skyline which with some modification to the CV joints (I believe shortening) can be adapted to fit a S30 zcar.

Finally there is one more option that I’m aware of. The 300zx or Z31 (earlier 300zx) which are available in turbo version around Australia (may have been gray imports) can also have it’s CV joint set up adapted to the early zcar.

So how come your talking about CV joints when the title is to do with stub axles?

Good question! The answer is that in order to fit CV joints it’s much easier to use the later 260z style stub axles. A 260z stub axle can be identified by 4 raised humps on the wheel connecting end. See Photo

260z Stub Axle Differences Between 240z and 260zThe 260z stub axle is also known to be slightly stronger, just what you need if your putting more power to the pavement.

The final reason for choosing 260z stub axles (incidentally known as 280z stub axles in the US) is for upgrading your rear end. An R200 diff is much easier to fit to CV joints and the CV joints are easier to fit to the 260z stub axles.

I will provide some updates when I’m closer to the conversion process. For now I must stress you do your own research before rushing out and getting any of the above parts.

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  1. bob mitchell Says:

    any further info on stub axles and cv joints available?
    I am thinking on upgrading to a Modern Motorsport” stub axles but are unsure if all splines are the same

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