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Auto Parts PartsWorld - Datsun 240z Project

Auto Parts PartsWorld

If you have read my previous posts concerning the L14 rods I obtained, you may have been curious where I got them? Well I was lucky enough to be contact by a fellow called David Brown from Auto Parts PartsWorld in New Zealand. He responded to a wanted I placed on ozdat in the classifieds section.

David was nice and patient while helping me with some questions (mainly regarding shipping). I believe auto parts partsworld specialise in second hand parts to suit a range of models, but most importantly they deal with Nissan and Datsun vehicles.

If you are looking for a set of L14 rods or perhaps an LD28 crankshaft for your stroker project it may pay to give David a try first. New Zealand were lucky enough to receive some Datsun/Nissan makes which had these hard to find parts.
David was also kind enough to send through some images of his immaculate looking race cars. A Datsun Cherry 100A and a Datsun 510 (2 door 1600). See Below

*If you do speak with David please let him know you found out about his business through viczcar in Australia.
Front shot of Datsun 100A CherryDatsun 100A Cherry Race Car Interior Datsun 100A Cherry Race Car Front View of Datsun 510 2 Door 1600 Race Car

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